Wildlife and Domestic Animal Art For Sale

These paintings are for sale at my studio or by individual enquiry.

‘ Loyal Worker ‘

‘ Loyal Worker ‘
A trip to Barellan working horse festival this year( 2022), has helped me create this original piece.
50x 35 cm.
This grey stood out to me waiting his turn to do the obstacle course composition.
I didn’t hang around to watch him , so much to see lol
But I have a soft spot for greys.

He looked so pretty with ears pricked happily standing with his brown mate with a blaze and his owner patiently standing along side them holding the leads with a gentle touch.

$1,100 not framed (can be arranged)

Jumping Jack flash

This gorgeous rabbit ran past my studio window and I was lucky enough to have my camera in my hand at the time. $800

‘ Playing to win ‘

Charcoal engraving 16×24”

After taking photos at the Nhill Boxing Day races I decided to do this thoroughbred in charcoal and detailing with etching , one of the most beautiful effects. This technique doesn’t need glass and is treated as if it was an oil painting. $800 framed

‘ Last one is a rotten egg’

Did you play that when you were a kid ? I did , the last one back inside was the rotten egg. This scene just spoke to me that these puppies were playing a game , the one in the middle howling ‘ I don’t want to be the rotten egg , and the last pup hoping he can make it to the top. How sweet are these gorgeous Jack Russell puppies. Pastel 50x35cm $750 ( not framed )

‘Tug of war ‘

This beautiful playful puppy enjoyed tugging on the shoe lace for a while. I enjoyed watching her and taking photos. Pastel 50x40cm $700 without frame

‘Three stripes and …. Your out ‘

Zebras have always been a favourite African animal. Imagine them in family groups , drinking from water holes , walking the plains in great numbers. When their foals are born the mare will circle her foal to make sure her stripes are imprinted on the baby so it can find her when they rejoin the heard. Imagine trying to find your mum in a world of stripes. Pastel on supertooth paper. $1,500

‘Full throttle ‘

The beautiful Andalusian gelding carries his rider into battle. As the Lance lowers to knock his opponent off at full speed, it shatters on impact, against the metal shields. The winner is crowned. Pastel on colourfix paper $1,000

‘ Stripes ‘

One of the prettiest of big cats. The Tiger , What an incredible animal. Charcoal on hot pressed water colour paper $600.

‘ Catch me if you can’

Wilderbeest running across the dry earth , making dust as they go. This is a big statement piece for home or office. Pastel on supertooth paper $1,500

‘Your shout at the barrr’

As a farm girl I will always love sheep. I took my photo at a sheep dog yard trial. They looked at each other , to me thinking , after their shift was over they would all relax and have a drink. Pastel on supertooth paper $4,500

‘Round em’ up ‘

There is something special about watching a kelpie work . Agile , fast and naturally gifted with ready the sheep. Some better than others. $1,300

‘ Gina ‘ SOLD
‘Family matters ‘
‘Aussie icon’
‘ It’s all in the eyes ‘
‘Mesmerised’ , private collection.
‘Beauty appears in many forms ‘
‘ Cheating time ‘
‘It’s the little things ‘
‘ Hot Summer Day ‘ SOLD.
‘ Dreamer ‘ SOLD
‘ ELLO possum ‘ SOLD.
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