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As another year comes to an end I like to reflect on my achievements and progress , 2022 has brought me many joys through my art. This is incredible important to me that I can make people happy with a pet commission when most are ordered after a loss. I’m so glad I can help a little.

This year I planned to enter more art shows and competitions to see how I am travelling as an artist in a bigger circle. I’m so pleased that my art was well received by judges ,potential buyers and art lovers. I received some highly commended awards , people’s choice and some sales through the journey. I was so pleased at my years results.

I had a smashing year of selling my highest number of original art work and completing 45 commissions of beautiful pets. I always enjoy meeting on my paper. As I create they come alive for me and become a part of my world too. Having pets and losses I fully understand the devastation an owner goes through. It never gets easy.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thanks all my followers on social media and here on my website , to everyone who has ordered a commission and everyone who has purchased art work for their wall or as a gift.

Thank you thank you.

That’s a wrap for 2022 and I look forward in another amazing year ahead in 2023.

Stay safe and enjoy your family and pets.

Gayle. Xx

My creative process….

I was sitting here thinking about art , well my art to be more specific. I love that I have a creative side, even through school I liked that it was the one thing I felt comfortable with , and knew I could do something that made me feel good about myself. I’m certainly no academic so art was a comfortable place. Thinking now as an adult, having art as a constant in my life is again a comfortable place. I can have strangers in my studio and I’m at ease and peace with any conversation had in my space. I love my process of getting involved in how my subjects appear on my paper. Getting out in the bush with nature , seeing light falling on the trees , the ground , the rocks and of course the animals even the morning sun hitting water is spectacular, glistening on the surface. I don’t think the sun is ever in the wrong spot there is always an opportunity. Even in the sky the most amazing cloud formations are worth looking up for.

I take thousands of photos almost on a weekly basis , trying to get that shot I want to become my next original piece of art. So my process starts from the back of my camera, then to the computer and then to my paper. Having complete control over what I produce. Being one off original works , not one other artist can have the same image as mine. I find this liberating and satisfying. Having the only image in the entire world that I’m working from. How cool is that !! The knowledge of the day and the feeling being out in nature is put into my work , how can it not be , I’ve experienced it all. This helps me connect to my subjects on a deeper level. So when you look at my work and find your own story and experience in a particular piece ,I know I have done my job well. I’m so proud of this. To create something that has never been created before ……. What a thrill !

Self taught……

I get asked a lot if I went to ‘ art school ‘ and the answer is no. Not because I’m against it , I’m not and I commend anyone who has. I didn’t consciously not go, I actually never thought I needed to , to become an artist. Thought living rural and liking being home may have been a factor , but it’s just something I never considered doing. I’ve been happy to learn from doing and of course over the years youtube has been something that gets the creative juices flowing. Because being the best I can be is one important thing for my journey , to be only in competition with myself , to be surrounded by artists I admire and respect always puts you on the right path. I’ve always been someone who can work alone and work without supervision, I’ve not needed anyone to be over my shoulder pushing me I have enough drive and dedication to push myself. It’s a true love and passion. If you want to go to art school I say go for it , but if you don’t want to then just follow your own path . Surround yourself with like minded people and go for it ……

Cheers Gayle xx

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