Bird Art for sale

These art works are for sale from Gayle’s studio or by individual enquiry by phone or email.

‘ Water off a ducks back’

I got to photograph this Chestnut teal while I was visiting Geelong about a year ago.
He was having a ball dipping and diving into the water and I enjoyed photographing him and now enjoyed making him my latest original art piece.
49 x 38 cm. $1,700

‘ The safety of home ‘

This is one of my rare ones Done in the studio from life. I found this beautiful nest and took it back to the studio. It had blown out of a tree, very close to a road so I decided it was better to save such an intricate nest. So delicately woven with soft twigs, the eggs were inspired from a little bird called a ‘ crimson chart . They visited here for the first time in my life here and bought out a few babies. So I got to witness some really special moments. Pastel on home made paper $800

‘Blue faced honeyeater’

This wonderful bird flew in front of me while visiting a friend. It was my first time seeing this bird so I was very excited. Pastel on colourfix paper $670

‘The Heart of the land’

I have a love of our Wedge Tail Eagle , you might be able to tell. They are super exciting to see. If you ever have experienced one fly over you and look into your eyes you will understand. Pastel on colourfix paper $600

‘ Summer time break’

I came across this fading waterhole during summer. It had rained a few days before, so I thought I’d go out to see if I could find water holes with animals taking advantage of the break in the hot Australian summer.
I parked the car and walked down to hide and see what flew or walked in.
The ever faithful galah landed at the water maybe a flock of 12 . I got a few photos before returning to the car and leaving what ever other wildlife came to drink. Pastel on pastelmat paper $990.00

‘ Four little ducks went out one day ‘

I often visit areas I think I will find wildlife to photograph. This day I felt I hit the jackpot. Finding a family of Wood ducks. I was so excited I’ve seen them before but today was the first day I got good photos. How cute are they. This art work won first prize in the wildlife section for the ‘Pastel society of Victoria’, 2020 . Pastel on pastelmat paper $1,100

‘ Shine like no one is watching ‘

Everyone looks at the peacock in his extraordinary display of colour , but have you looked at his partner the Peahen , you really should she is also spectacular in her glistening colour. She shines so bright in the sun. Pastel on Uart paper. $650.

‘ To my surprise ‘ SOLD.

Out bush walking one day last year I walked around this enormous beautiful coloured gum tree. And to my surprise this was what met me on the other side. To say I was happy is an understatement. I’ve been looking out for a Owl-let night jar for years and finally found one. I see them on the road at night but never in the day. It was the sweetest encounter. He / she was sitting in this hole in the morning sun warming up. It was so pretty and didn’t mind having loads of photos taken. Happy to just sit. Soft pastel and pastel pencil. It’s a big piece , pastel on pastelmat ( SOLD )

‘ A full time job ‘

I got to meet this gorgeous baby in a wild life part not so long ago. Its a Canadian goose and gosling enjoying each other’s company after they’d had a swim. The baby preened itself while mum checked the eggs. She moved them around a little and then settled down to attend to their needs.
My title comes watching her so busy with a young one and eggs. I’m not sure if the eggs were viable with having such a well developed baby already but she thought they were . What I really loved about my reference with this was the beautiful reflection of the eggs in her soft eyes. It’s so beautiful.
Pastel on colourfix paper. $880

‘On the fly’

My first encounter with this young bird was really by accident. I was driving and noticed her sitting on the ground. She flew off landing in a tree close by. I was able to walk reasonably close so got some wonderful photos. She was a little wobbly on the branch and she stepped down to get a better grip but the branch broke under her weight and she was forced to fly. Little did I know I would not see her for another 3 years. Finding her grown up looking amazing. Pastel on colourfix paper $700

‘ Sleepy duo ‘

The Tawny frog mouth is one of my favourite birds. They are incredibly fascinating. I’m lucky to have one visit a few time’s a year outside my bedroom window and call out for a mate. This is done in charcoal on board. No glass required , treat this on your wall like you would an oil painting. 24×18” $550.00.

‘ Eagle eye ‘

They are one of the most majestic birds in the sky and one of the cutes babies. The Wedge Tail Eagle. Little white fluff balls that grow incredible fast. Watching them grow is something so so special and watching them fly off the nest is incredible.
I found these 2 in 2018. The first time I found wedge tail babies I was so excited a couple years before theses two. A baby bird I had been wanting to find all my adult life , so to cross them off my bucket list is always a dream come true.
I have had my eye on doing these babies since I took the photos so I thought on my charcoal journey I’d include them. So glad I have.
Charcoal 24×18 inches , no glass required treat this on your wall like you would an oil painting $550

‘ Marvellous magpies ‘

Always a welcome visitor to the garden. Love hearing them warble together. Charcoal on board 24×18”. Does not require glass , treat this like you would an oil painting on your wall. A special and unique technique. $550.

‘ Master of song ‘

Everyone who has heard the vocals from a magpie will agree they are masters. One of the most joyous bird calls.

‘Sitting pretty ‘
‘All Aussie outback adventure ‘
‘Golden light ‘
‘Sunbathing with friends ‘
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