The beginning of my journey …

Drawing has been with me ever since I can remember. It was something I always loved and found myself doing alone or with family or friends .

I remember a drawing that has always stuck in my mind , I when 17. Sitting on a desk while my friend was busy doing something they loved , exercising ( clearly that was not for me, Lol ) . I had an Arabian magazine and I copied the front cover , free hand in graphite. I still have the drawing and it’s about 29 years later as I wrote this that I did it. I remember the feeling like it was yesterday , so proud at what I was able to complete with a piece of a3 paper and a 2b graphite pencil.

Years passed and drawing was always there , or something creative like making gift cards . If I was doing something pretty with my hands I was happy. I remember looking in ‘ Horse deals ‘ magazines , horses were and are a love and the magazine was affectionately known as the ‘ bible ‘ if your a horse lover you will know exactly what I mean. 😁 This magazine always had adds from artists promoting their work for originals pieces and for taking on commissions . I thought what a perfect ‘ job ‘ , how could I do this as my career.

Years passed as they seem to do. Growing up the next step is getting a job , luckily I had a few and most I liked . Especially at a camera shop. Then meeting the man of my dreams , having children to care for. All that happens and moved 15 years and no drawing was done.

Until I was challenged from an old school friend ‘ do you still draw ? I haven’t for many years. So she set me a challenge to draw all her horses , just their heads. Once I started I loved it , forgot how good it was. I handed my very first commission piece over to my very first client , she cried , we hugged and I have not stopped drawing since that day. ( Thanks to Stacey 😁) This was in 2012

I only did a few here and there for the first 4 or so years , until I thought I have to give this a go , a red hot go and quite full time work to start my art career. So now nearly 4 years on I am still doing commissions and original art pieces . And even though there are many troughs ( but without troughs we don’t have waves , and without waves we can’t surf. ) of ups and downs , it’s not an easy journey but the most rewarding one. To get to love the lows is a chance to open your mind to realise there is a break through coming. And it does. A breakthrough on how the work is finished , drawing skills increase , choosing harmonious colours and many things can come. To embrace the lows is as important as embracing the highs. They go hand in hand as an artist.

I hope you have enjoyed a little insight to my story so far. Stay tuned more to come …. my blog will be a spare of the moment thoughts , I will share with who ever wants to read them.

Cheers Gayle. 💋

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